Frequency Asked Questions

1. The map contain False information. Cloud all over the place.

Unfortunately we do not own these map data since they are provided by Apple Map. Please contact them directly if you have issue

2. Why the app is not in English nor my language!

Some apps support multiple languages. However in some cases it may display wrong languages if your secondary language isn’t set properly. Please do the following to fix this issue:

Go to Settings / General / International / Language

  1. Select English or any other language you understand with as a secondary one.

  2. Tap Done

  3. Once the device's language has been changed, change it back to your main language.

3. would you want to make another map apps?

Give us some ideas! And we will try. But if someone already done it so great, we will probably skip making our version…like one below.

Anyway, here are some map related apps / website that we find very interesting. They are too awesome not to share.